How to know Dormant karmas and rise above Maya?

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In a journey of self discovering one go so deep within the levels of his consciousness to see the vast realms of the unconscious mind, where dormant and other karmas are deposited from millions of past lives.

To reach this state of ‘turiya awastha’ one has to go through intense uninterrupted practice of sadhna or tapas or an intense meditational state. From this state the consciousness penetrates the vast realms of existence. And in these realms of existence one encounters the dormant karmas. This is the realm where body-consciousness is transcended to cosmic consciousness to see the relationship between the body, mind, ego and intellect. 

Focusing more on sadhna, one enters to the state of Samadhi. Here, one becomes free from the realms of time and space. All past, present and future comes in one state. One comes across all his past lives from beginning-less time. One can see all his dormant karmas and also its time of manifestation. Here, one can make his own decision whether to dissolve these karmas by knowledge and separate the self from them or to surrender them to the cosmic divine consciousness.

At this state of Samadhi, sometimes mind get disoriented. One can travel million of past lives by transmigration but unable to find out the beginning of one’s own soul journey. One again gets captured in vicious cycle of dormant karmas which are lying beyond their present intuitive capacity. One can think that they are witnessing the contents of their mind while remaining separate from it, but are actually involved in it. And this is what we call ‘Maya’.

How to rise above ‘Maya’?

According to the Vedic scriptures, the first step to rise above Maya is to sharpen the intellect. One should clearly know about their attachment towards something, whether if it knows of dormant karmas. One desire arises out of attachment; attachment to actions, their results and its subtle impressions. And this attachment gives energy and momentum to the dormant sanchita karmas which get sprouted and comes into manifestation. Seeing oneself as doer of action makes the things more miserable. In this way every karma contains some inherent misery.

To overcome the illusion Maya, one must know the inherent nature of these karmas. The knowledge of dis-identifying one’s own self from their karma, gives the freedom from the effects of dormant karmas.

Attachment gives energy to dormant karma. With the power of non-attachment one can instantly neutralize the effect of karma. To attain this level of non-attachment, one must commit to the intense methodical practice. It takes the power of determination or sankalpa shakti to complete it regardless of whatever obstacles to the path.

The intense practice of Vairagya that is non-attachment and abhyasa that is practice, one can attain the freedom from sanchita karma and also rise above illusions of Maya.

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Stopping to believe in Karma and past lives gives you even more freedom.
Karma translates, means action. acts of the past determine that now, change your action in now, so you change the future.
that you must not believe,
which is a law of nature!
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