How to resolve four folds of karmas

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‘Karma’ a very well known word in present world. People often refer karma for something bad deeds that happen in past and which consequences are seen in future. But karma is actually not a ‘fate’. Everyone has their free will. Nothing external force is controlling one’s life.

Whatever we experience in our life is our own karmic creation. Karma is actually an act which was committed through frequencies of energies and vibrations produced in thoughts, words or action.

We are totally free to choose our actions, thoughts and words whether positive or negative. Once the action is chosen and done, it has its own effect and the vicious cycle of cause and effect goes on.

Karma generates a frequency of vibrations which continues to vibrate along with our physical bodies as subconscious impressions which comes out one by one to get resolved, these karmas can only be resolved with understanding or through subtler spiritual practices. But most of us compound our karma with our reaction to it.

There are four types of karmas

Sanchita karma
The “arrows in the quiver”, that is sum total of karmas accumulated throughout all the past lives. The arrow which has not been shot yet but waiting for its chance of shot.

Praarabdha karma
The karmas set in action which bears the fruit, which is the arrow in shot from the bow. Praarabdha karma is the result of law of cause and effect which takes place in the form of positive and negative consequences depending upon positive and negative praarabdha.
The sanchita karma pertaining to the praarabdha get dissolved only after experiencing it.

Kriyamana karma
The arrow in hand. That is the karmas being created. Also known as instant karma, created in this lifetime with our own free will.

Agami karma
It is the action planned for the future and is the portions of karma which get added to sanchita karma.

How to resolve four folds of karmas?

Non-attachment to the fruit of action stops the accumulation of kriyamana karma. When we get attached to the result that is the fruit of action which is not in our hand, we react to it either positively or negatively. Ones the reaction is chosen we get caught in the cycle of cause and effect. The reaction creates another karma. When we detach our self from the fruits of action, we get an eye of an observer.

Non-judgmental/ Being observer 
Praarabdha karma can be resolved by being non-judgmental and only through being experienced and lived through. The non-judgemental attitude resolves the karmas and also stops creating another karma.

The inaccessible sanchita karma can only be burned away by the grace of spiritual master/guru who give diksha for sadhna or tapasya, through which dormant kundalini get raised from the lower point of the backbone to shasara chakra burning all the seeds of unsprouted karmas, and the consequences of these karmas never come up.

Unconditional love
The best way to resolve any karma is love. Unconditional love is the ultimate destination of soul journey. We all are here only to give and receive love. It has the power to resolve any issue of present or past life. Sages say if you have a problem, give love and if you have more problems, give more love.

Love and light!